May V. Oskan (leswainsleigh) wrote in isis_astarte,
May V. Oskan

Five Pagan Sonnets

A Sonnet for Ostara

The Goddess casts away the shawl of night
her silver face emerges from the shroud
the earth is bathed in spring's first hope for light
the Mother moon freed from the sheltering cloud

put flame to wick and water in the bowl
and greet the promise of the cleansing rains
as white sprigs hastened by Ostara's toll
we banish with delight what frost remains

the Goddess through her wisdom doth arrange
she toucheth all, and all she touch, she change.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life, her timeless boughs wide-spread
from heaven's vaulted canopy to earth
with earthly wisdom crowned her lofty head
to bear all spirits' mysteries; death, and birth

her universal, endless tracery
of life entwined with life and soul with soul
roots held in sacred ground, limbs reaching free
all wandering mortal spirits doth console

her open arms below as so above
to cradle us in wise and boundless love.

Song to Rhiannon

Rhiannon rides upon the moor tonight
my words conceived and scribed for her alone
pale hooves conduct the meter of her flight
and hammer home each hallowed, hollow tone

Rhiannon rides outside my door tonight
to coax and gentle lyrics from my lips
she'll linger there until the dawning light
when over graying hills she stealthy slips

hooves thunder; my composing hand is deft
and leave these pages like the barrows cleft

Appeal to Taliesin

What news, my Taliesin, fairest brow?
and whither wanders now my brightest muse?
so many melodies to lend, and now
do you assay to worry? to bemuse?

what say you Taliesin? do you hear?
have you in truth your true disciple spurned?
or are you laughing as you tarry near
to turn this trick for lessons aptly learned?

whatever charge you ask, let it be known
for if I sing, let me not sing alone.

Prayer to Manannan

God of the sea, your truth in laughter rings
the sage's staff and triton held upraised
your clever guises humbled hearts of kings
and from the meek inspired resounding praise

resplendent crane of princely scarlet brow
together with your steeds accomplice make
lifegiving flesh of salmon and of sow
are gracious yours to give and ours to take

lend strength to me, great Father of the sea
a wiser soul and kinder I shall be.
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